Reach Zlatibor, Tara and Kopaonik mountains from Belgrade within an hour!!

Have a breakfast at the Kopaonik mountain, a business meeting in Nis, eat your lunch in Subotica, and have a dinner with friends in Belgrade. All of that in one day.

We can make it happen for you!

Take the controls

The only flights school for training helicopter pilot in Serbia and region!

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About us

World class test pilot Goran Krneta and Serbian American businessman Zivorad Tomic, himself a pilot, met each other in the summer of 2012. One has the pilot skills only few in the world could match. The other is business savvy and has great passion for flying. Out of that friendship, the idea to incorporate Balkan Helicopters was born. Recognizing the fact that there was no private companies in Serbia offering helicopter flight services, the two set out to achieve what looked like an impossible task at the time.



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Passenger Transport and Celebration

Observation from the air

Advertising in the air